Highlights of living a luxury life in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is offering apartments in Salt Lake City that are nice. These apartments are elegantly designed with the ideal qualities of a dream home. These are magnificently designed apartments with spacious 2-3 bedroom floor plans, several in-house amenities along with outdoor or community facilities. The surrounding neighborhoods are safe and well known for the lowest crime rates. Living here is a blend of luxury, style, amenities and affordability. Yes the living cost is minimal with a plenty of job opportunities with bright prospects. With these apartments built on a prime location, they center the city giving easiest access to the nearby public transport, best shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment centers.

The elegantly styled apartments are:

  1. Pet friendly that encourages your pets well being
  2. The floor plans are spacious and well-constructed
  3. Each and every nook of the place is given maximum utilization
  4. The rooms are equipped with master sized closets and spacious wardrobes
  5. The bathrooms are elegantly tiled with pastel colors
  6. Some of the bathrooms are equipped with Jacuzzis and bath cabinets too
  7. All the apartments are centrally heated and air conditioned
  8. There is an availability of a lounge too with a wooden fireplace of its own
  9. Each apartment has its own kitchen with stainless steel appliances and customized white-on-white cabinetry
  10. The counters are elaborated with granite finishing and hardwood flooring
  11. The kitchens are energy saving appliances equipped with personalized breakfast bars
  12. Some have their own private patios for entertaining guests and some have balconies for a mountainous view of the mountain range
  13. Cable hookups are also facilitated
  14. There are vertical blinds for the windows too

Some of the community features include:

  • Its own laundry service equipped with washer and dryer facilities
  • There is a smoke free zone and an outdoor pool with a large sun deck
  • There is a 24hour fitness center with tennis and squash courts and much more
  • The facility of lighted courts is also available to play in the night
  • The community has its own computer lab facility with 24-hour internet
  • The place is surrounded with plenty of parks and miles of jogging and biking trails
  • A parking lot is fully dedicated to the community
  • Carports are also available
  • Security cameras are installed everywhere and are watched over constantly
  • A cinema is also available for entertainment
  • There is also an emergency service that is always at one’s beck and call
  • And best of all there is a lot to be enjoyed in the form of nature

Apart from all these amenities, service is very prompt and vigilant as well as friendly that takes care of all your demands and requests on time. These apartments are fully equipped with modern day necessities and luxuries. They are really beautifully constructed. The location is of premier importance and is near all the public transportation. The local transport lets you be anywhere in just a matter of minutes. There is a specially designed parking lot that ensures your vehicle safety along with space.